“I was impressed by how Jerry Hill handled my home elevator installation project. From beginning to end he showed great professionialism and patience. He and his team installed the LULA elevator made by Custom Elevator in a matter of 3 days. Before selecting Accurate Elevator for my project I screened many other companies and I found that Accurate Elevator was indeed the best by many measures, including price. I highly recommend this company.”

L. Batkhan
Rockville, MD

Photo Gallery

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Residence LULA elevator
Rockville, MD (6 photos)
Historical Brick Hotel
Georgetown, DE (4 photos)
Chincoteague Library
Chincoteague, VA (3 photos)
Residential elevator
Commercial elevator in Historical Brick hotel
Chincoteague Library commercial elevator
Community Center
Ocean View, VA (4 photos)
Residence wheel chair lift
Ocean City, MD (1 photo)
George Griss Residence
Dumbwaiter (3 photos)
Community Center wheel chair lift
Enclosed wheel chair lift Residential dumbwaiter
Residence Acorn stair lift
Ocean City, MD (5 photos)
Residential Elevator
Lakeside, DE (1 photo)
Renaldi residence stair lift
Lakeside residential elevator with glass door